LinkedIn headshots for Career Success

Corporate Headshot High Key

LinkedIn Headshots for Career Success

“It is a worrying truth that your LinkedIn Headshot will make the difference between success or failure in today’s jobs market.”

When this year’s graduates hit an increasingly competitive jobs market they will be armed to make the most of opportunities offered. Social media savvy and technically literate, they know the value of good LinkedIn photos. According to Talent Works 87% of recruiters used LinkedIn in 2017. Today the number is likely nearer 100%.

Today’s graduates understand that the LinkedIn Headshot is the single most important element on the profile: it is the first impression. And first impressions matter. The headshot communicates on an emotional level. It tells the viewer how friendly, senior, talented, intelligent the subject is. It also sets the tone for the rest of the profile. And if it isn’t right, there is a great danger that the recruiter will simply click to the next candidate.

The professional headshot and written profile have to be coherent. Put simply: a banker has to look like a banker. Take a look at your colleagues and professional peers. What do their profiles communicate? How are they dressed? What body-language is being used? Has the image been constructed to create a certain mood?

LinkedIn headshots are a visual c.v.

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