LinkedIn Headshots for Career Success

    "It is a worrying truth that your LinkedIn Headshot will make the difference between success or failure in today’s jobs market."

    When this year’s graduates hit an increasingly competitive jobs market they will be armed to make the most of opportunities offered. Social media savvy and technically literate, they know the value of good LinkedIn photos. According to Talent Works 87% of recruiters used LinkedIn in 2017. Today the number is likely nearer 100%.

    Today’s graduates understand that the LinkedIn Headshot is the single most important element on the profile: it is the first impression. And first impressions matter. The headshot communicates on an emotional level. It tells the viewer how friendly, senior, talented, intelligent the subject is. It also sets the tone for the rest of the profile. And if it isn’t right, there is a great danger that the recruiter will simply click to the next candidate.

    The professional headshot and written profile have to be coherent. Put simply: a banker has to look like a banker. Take a look at your colleagues and professional peers. What do their profiles communicate? How are they dressed? What body-language is being used? Has the image been constructed to create a certain mood?

    LinkedIn headshots are a visual c.v.

    Professional LinkedIn Headshot

    Most people feel uncomfortable when talking about their successes and talent. It feels like boasting and it’s something many of us shy away from. However, the one place where personal marketing is allowed is the job market: your c.v. should be crammed full of your successes, strengths, qualifications and experience. And your profile picture is another element of the c.v. Perhaps the most important element. Humans have been hard-wired to make visual appraisals. It is a survival instinct: if the stranger doesn’t look right, then better to steer clear. These visual judgements are made subconsciously all the time: in a split second.

    Your headshot has to be in harmony with your written c.v. If it isn't there will be a disconnect: the recruiter won’t know why they have a bad feeling about you, they just have an impression that something isn’t right. It is therefore really important that your headshot matches the role and seniority you are targeting.

    Corporate Headshot, professional businesswoman

    Can your headshot make you look more competent?

    The short answer is yes and research done at Princeton University confirms this is the case. Understanding how lighting, posture and expression compliment each other to build a complete picture is critical if you are going to successfully send the right message to your target audience. So analyse who you are trying to impress, what is likely to create a good impression: warmth and friendliness or hard-nosed professionalism. Very often it is a subtle mixture of the two, so construct your headshot to make sure you get the balance just right.

    A make up artist is highly recommended. Whether your appearance is to be sharp, smart and businesslike or charmingly casual, a make up artist ensures your look matches the desired style. Clients often arrive at the studio, on location or set after a hectic round of meetings. The city might be humid, windy, dusty and public transport can play havoc with hair. A few moments with a make up artist will allow you to relax, prepare for the shoot and go onto set confident. And that confidence shines through the eyes.

    Studio Grey is a portrait photography company working from Covent Garden. Our photographers are qualified members of the British Institute of Professional Photography and the Royal Photographic Society. What we offer is a tailored approach to corporate photography, we work intimately with our clients in order to figure out their wants, needs and most importantly, the message they want their images to send. We will work with you on your body language, posing and style as we deliver a shoot that is targeted toward your image needs.

    Service: You are the most important person in our world. Without you we cannot hope to capture amazing portraits. Our service is designed to make you feel relaxed, comfortable and confident. Whether you are with us for 30 minutes or a full day.

    Quality: Our image quality is second to none. Top quality optics, cameras, lighting and software combine to provide you with headshots that render equally beautifully on websites and billboards.

    Value: Working efficiently so that we deliver the highest levels of service and product quality at a price that represents excellent value.

    Our clients include: Facebook, Chanel, Kearney, Lombard Odier as well as multiple TV personalities, actors and politicians.

    Take control of your professional destiny:

    71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ
    +44 (0) 7764 801420

    Please contact us regarding any of your photography needs,
    either call us or leave us a message through the contact form.

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