Lockdown in Covent Garden


    Covent Garden emptied on Friday 20th March. Since then I have had to check on the Studio and get it prepared for post-lockdown. Here are some images, taken on an iphone & my SLR camera, on the days I worked. Enjoy (I think).

    Friday, 20th March. An occasional commuter, outnumbered by security personnel.

    Culturally, we tend to accept black and white images as authentic. It’s because for many years news images were only available in monochrome. So we have grown up with the classic images of Don McCullin, Robert Capa and more recently John Decker. There is almost an innate belief (albeit unfounded) that the images have not been ‘messed with’. So monochrome lends a cultural gravitas and importance. No matter that we know all images can be manipulated, we retain an emotional belief in black and white’s authenticity.

    St Pauls, Covent Garden

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