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Embrace the dark side

Female Corporate Headshot - Embrace the Dark Side

Embrace the dark side


If the world’s a stage then the internet is a multi-screen, entertainment mega-plex and that’s not counting mobile devices! How you leverage this wonderful free marketing resource is up to you. But leverage it you must: ignore your digital brand at your peril.

Throughout western history dark colours have been used to convey authority and experience: senior diplomats are transported to international talks in black limousines, board members of global companies wear dark suits. Judges robes: black.

A Western Cultural Response

This cultural association with authority can be useful for the young barrister needing to add gravitas to their profile. Careful use of the medium says, sensible, thoughtful, dependable.

If low-key adds authority to a younger professional then the effect is magnified when used with an experienced individual. Reinforced with other cultural references: dark suit, tie, serious expression and you create a ‘don’t mess with me’ image. Useful for litigators, financial controllers and other enforcers.


We cannot see into shadow: our minds work overtime to try to make sense of the darkness. We can find shadows cast across the face unsettling. They can create a sense of mystery. Take a look at the images below: both are the same individual taken minutes apart. But the feel and emotional response is different. Deciding on the image style: high-key bright and light or low-key, dark is important as it has direct implications for how recruiters and potential clients feel about you.

Formal Corporate Headshot Headshot Low Key Dark Headshot High Key

Counter-intuitively, low key portraits are often found on creative websites. (creatives aren’t normally associated with heavy, serious, authority figures).

But darkness has a second quality: the ability to mask, hide and obscure from view. In hiding creative genius, agencies invite the viewer to explore and uncover the treasures within. It is important to provide other visual cues: casual business attire and fashionable, edgy appearance.

An agency employing the dark side is unlikely to be pitching for ‘fluffy-bunny’ children’s campaigns. But it may well win awards for innovative, original and thoughtful work.

Headshot - Creative Industries

Studio Grey is a portrait photography company working from Covent Garden. Our photographers are qualified members of the British Institute of Professional Photography and the Royal Photographic Society.

What we offer is a tailored approach to corporate photography, we work intimately with our clients in order to figure out their wants, needs and most importantly, the message they want their images to send. We will work with you on your body language, posing and style as we deliver a shoot that is targeted toward your image needs.

Service: You are the most important person in our world. Without you we cannot hope to capture amazing portraits. Our service is designed to make you feel relaxed, comfortable and confident. Whether you are with us for 30 minutes or a full day.

Quality: Our image quality is second to none. Top quality optics, cameras, lighting and software combine to provide you with headshots that render equally beautifully on websites and billboards.

Value: Working efficiently so that we deliver the highest levels of service and product quality at a price that represents excellent value.

Our clients include: Facebook, Chanel, Kearney, Lombard Odier as well as multiple TV personalities, actors and politicians.

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