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Coming Out of Furlough and Taking Stock

How to improve your image


We’re all taking stock, aren’t we. Are you wanting to build your presence in your industry? Are you trying to change industry altogether, or embarking on blogging or vlogging? Or maybe you’re about to tackle your lockdown hair, which has prompted a re-think about your whole image, and you want your corporate headshot on the website and the board in reception to match.

Getting the Right Image

Or has staring so often at other people’s headshots on Teams or Zoom, because their wifi went down yet again, reminded you just how important anyone’s profile image is to their working life, whichever way they’re headed?

The thing is your headshot, your profile image is the first and sometimes the only visual reference employers, colleagues, customers and industry associates have for who you really are: your personality, your experience and capabilities, and, crucially, your potential and aspirations. You thought your CV was important – but your professional portrait never gets put away in HR’s files, it may well go around the world, and it’ll probably represent you for years.

That makes getting a new headshot perhaps a bit daunting, but also exciting: here’s your chance to actively shape how you’re seen by the people who matter to your career. A good photographer understands all this and can help: they’ll listen to what you want, then use their experience and skill to create the images that will work best and hardest for you. So what should you be saying to them?

Entrepreneur Headshot Headshot Lockdown Hair Lockdown hair is a thing

First, think about how you want to be seen. What’s your narrative: the story about you that the image should be telling? You’re a professional in your industry, obviously, but beyond that, is your story about ambition and energy? Creativity and communication? Or thoroughness and dependability?

Second, what’s the context of your corporate headshot being looked at? The story needs to be just right for that specific place. Someone looking at your profile on the company’s website isn’t thinking how they think when they’re on Linked In. If you’re being seen in the wider world – an industry publication interview, a news item, an award announcement – the narrative needs to be different again. In each of these contexts your professional portrait needs to tell the right story about who you are, where you’ve come from, and where you’re headed.

But above all, your portrait needs to speak of your individuality: what makes you, you. It’s that which makes viewers feel they know you – and from there it’s easy for them to imagine how you’d be to work with, and what you can bring to their business.

At Studio Grey we’ve years of experience in drawing out the real, professional you and capturing it in camera. We have experts on hand who can help with your styling, your confidence, and even that lockdown hair – and we have a good line in coffee and jokes along the way. Whether you’re heading up a multinational or a department, going for promotion or setting up your own company – and whether you’re excited to have a good portrait or nervous in front of a lens – we’ll work with you to create the images that will help build your career.

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