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New Year New Headshot

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New Year - New Headshot

Why a New Headshot now? Well, it’s January 2024 and thoughts turn to new opportunities: securing that new job, promotion, or becoming a partner. And it’s your energy and determination that will make things happen for you. A new headshot is one of the first things you will need.

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Professional Headshot - Young Businesswoman

Raise Your Profile with a New Headshot

Getting noticed is vital if you want a new job, promotion or just more clients! A New Headshot will help because LinkedIn loves new profile pictures – and so do all your colleagues. 

Changing your LinkedIn Headshot (and all your other social media profiles) does two things. First, LinkedIn will start to push your profile above others in your industry (it likes new content). And second, the response from your followers – likes and warm comments, will work wonders on the LinkedIn algorithms (they promote content that generates clicks).

All this means, that the first thing you can do to improve your presence on LinkedIn is to upload a new professional headshot.

Professional Headshot Near Me
Your Headshot has a message
Professional Headshot London
Headshots Communicate

Your Headshot communicates value

Professional headshots are marketing documents.

Have you ever lusted after the new car, the house, dress, or shoes that look so fantastic in the magazine advert? There is a reason why companies use professional photographers to promote their goods.

You are a valuable team member that delivers great results and your image should support that message. Your not second-hand goods that get sold on eBay for a discount, so don’t use a home-made smartphone snap!

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What is your narrative?
Documentary Headshot of executive in board meeting.
Show you are C-Suite

What is Your Headshot For?

Your new headshot has a job to do. But what is that job?

Who do you need to influence? Your audience may be recruiters, business owners, senior partners or potential clients. Think through who they are: what’s their mindset? What qualities are they looking for in a new colleague?

We’ll help you create a new headshot that will communicate the right messages to the right audiences.

Business Headshot, Professional, London Low Key Black and White
Body language and lighting for complex messages
Practical female headshot, 2/4 length on pink background
Background colour and image style adds energy

Pose and body Language

We send all clients mood boards and preparation guides. And before the shoot itself we’ll discuss your role in detail and image you want to portray.

We’ll then set the studio up, making sure the lighting flatters your features and the background is right for your industry. We can also provide you with an office background or take headshots in the City of London, to give the right business vibe.

And we are expert posers! We provide direction to give you the perfect pose and expression.

London Headshots near you. Female businesswoman in London
A city background gives your headshot an edge
CEO Headshot, busy office
Smart Offices are the right environment for the CEO Headshot

About Studio Grey

Studio Grey has specialised in professional headshots for over ten years. Are award winning, qualified photographers are highly experienced. Which is why we are No 1 on Trustpilot and Google.

We are based in Central London and work with large corporate clients: Meta, Google, HPE and individuals.

Our headshots have been published in Forbes, the FT, Telegrapht the Times and Vogue.