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Staff Headshots Improve Business Performance

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In today’s digital age, first impressions are often made online. This is especially true for businesses, where potential clients and customers will often research a company before deciding to do business with them.

One of the first things people see when researching a company is the staff headshots. These images can have a significant impact on a business’s performance, making it crucial for companies to invest in professional staff headshots. In this article, we’ll explore the importance of professional staff headshots and how they can improve business performance.

Why Are Professional Staff Headshots Important?

Professional staff headshots are essential for businesses for several reasons. Here are a few key reasons why investing in professional headshots is crucial for business success.

First Impressions Matter

Corporate Headshots

As the saying goes, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression.” This is especially true in the business world. When potential clients or customers are researching a company, the first thing they see is often the staff headshots. These images can make a significant impact on how a business is perceived.

A professional headshot conveys a sense of professionalism and competence, which can help build trust with potential clients and customers. On the other hand, a low-quality or unprofessional headshot can give off a negative impression and potentially turn away potential business.

Humanise Your Business

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In today’s digital world, it’s easy for businesses to feel impersonal. However, professional staff headshots can help humanise a business and make it more relatable to potential clients and customers.

When people see the faces behind a business, it creates a sense of connection and trust. It also helps to showcase the diversity and personality of a company, making it more appealing to a wider audience.

Consistency in Branding

Consistency is key when it comes to branding. Professional staff headshots can help create a consistent look and feel for a business’s brand. When all staff members have high-quality, professional headshots, it creates a cohesive and polished image for the company.

This consistency can also help with brand recognition and make it easier for potential clients and customers to remember and identify a business.

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It is crucial to ensure consistency over time, particularly as businesses evolve and new staff members come onboard. So make sure that the headshots of new employees are consistent with those that may have been captured several years ago.

How Can Professional Staff Headshots Improve Business Performance?

Now that we’ve established the importance of professional staff headshots, let’s explore how they can improve business performance.

Boost Credibility and Trust

As mentioned earlier, professional headshots can help build trust with potential clients and customers. When people see a professional headshot, it conveys a sense of credibility and competence. This can be especially important for businesses in industries where trust is crucial, such as finance or healthcare.

A professional headshot can also help establish a personal connection with potential clients and customers, making them more likely to choose your business over a competitor.

Attract Top Talent

In addition to attracting clients and customers, professional staff headshots can also help attract top talent to a business. When job seekers are researching a company, they will often look at the staff headshots to get a sense of the company culture and the people they may be working with.

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A professional headshot can help showcase a company’s values and personality, making it more appealing to potential employees. This can help a business attract top talent and build a strong team.

Stand Out from Competitors

In today’s competitive business landscape, it’s essential to stand out from competitors. Professional staff headshots can help a business do just that. When potential clients and customers are researching multiple companies, a professional headshot can make a business stand out and leave a lasting impression.

A high-quality headshot can also help differentiate a business from competitors who may have low-quality or unprofessional headshots. This can give a business a competitive edge and help attract more clients and customers.

How to Get Professional Staff Headshots

Now that we’ve established the importance of professional staff headshots, you may be wondering how to get them for your business. Here are a few options to consider.

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Hire a Professional Photographer

Perhaps obvious but the way to get professional staff headshots is to hire a professional photographer. A professional photographer will have the skills and equipment necessary to capture high-quality headshots that represent your business in the best light.

Beware: some photographers are simply not qualified to take professional headshots.

When hiring a professional photographer, be sure to look at their qualifications – do they have a degree in photography or awards from professional bodies? What is there experience – have they won competitions? And of course check their portfolio and read reviews to ensure they have experience with corporate headshots.

If you want to beat the competition, consider hiring a photographer who specializes in business headshots, as they will have a better understanding of what makes a great headshot for a business.

Use a Headshot Service

If budget is a constraint you may consider using a headshot service.

These services often have studios set up in major cities and offer quick and affordable headshot sessions for businesses.

While this option may be cheaper, it’s important to understand that the images you receive will not be as effective as those created by a qualified photographer that fashions headshots to communicate your company’s brand values.

Take Your Own Headshots

If hiring a professional photographer is really out of your budget taking your own photos can be better than using a headshot service (a keen amateur may be more qualified than the ‘Headshot Service’ photographer).

It will not result in the same level of quality as a professional photographer, it can still be a cost-effective option for businesses on a budget.

When taking your own headshots, be sure to use a high-quality camera and find a well-lit area to take the photos.

You should consider using a tripod and always have someone else take the photos to ensure they are in focus and well-framed.

Tips for Great Staff Headshots

No matter which option you choose for getting professional staff headshots, there are a few tips to keep in mind to ensure you get the best results.

Consider a Make Up Artist

We live on a rock in the middle of the North Atlantic so weather will always be a problem. Staff rushing in from a meeting may have experienced everything from a torrential downpour to a gale.

Five minutes with a professional make up artist ensures that grooming is perfect. And when you go on set, confidence in your appearance shines through the eyes.

Make Up Artist Headshots

Dress Professionally

When taking headshots, it’s important to dress professionally. This means wearing appropriate business attire and avoiding busy patterns or distracting accessories. A professional headshot should focus on the person, not their outfit.

Smile and Make Eye Contact

A smile can go a long way in a headshot. It conveys a sense of warmth and approachability, making it more appealing to potential clients and customers. It’s also important to make eye contact with the camera, as this creates a sense of connection and trust.

Use a Neutral Background?

When taking headshots, consider using a neutral background. It focusses attention on the individual without any external distractions. But make sure to choose a background that supports your commercial objectives.

Alternatively, city or office backgrounds create narratives that communicate different values. Think through your commercial objectives – and speak to a qualified photographer – before committing to your background.



Professional staff headshots are an essential aspect of a business’s online presence. They can help build trust with potential clients and customers, humanise a business, and improve business performance. By investing in professional headshots, businesses can attract top talent, stand out from competitors, and make a great first impression.