London Corporate Photography

If your company is based in the capital, London corporate photography offers fantastic opportunities to promote and grow your business. London’s ultra-modern and heritage settings, the sense of a global reach and outlook, and its vibrant energy, all contribute to the image you want to project.

Finding a London corporate photographer who can bring that capital-city vibe to your branding – including the essential business headshots but also newsy photos of your teams in action, and portraits of senior partners – can make a real difference to the message that each audience receives. Click through [link] to find out more about the practicalities of setting up a corporate photoshoot.

There are four main audiences that you and your photographer must take into account: external and internal marketing, PR, social media and investors. Each audience, and each platform, has different requirements and presents different opportunities.

A good business photographer with a well-equipped central London studio will be able to create all the imagery you need, store it securely and accessibly, and keep it fresh and up-to-date.

London Corporate Photography - Palace of Westminster Headshots
London Corporate Photography - Entrepreneur, Covent Garden
London Corporate Photography - Businesswoman

Marketing Your Company: How London Corporate Photography can Help.

Giving your imagery London styling can make all the difference to your marketing message. Research has proved that visual impressions are received almost instantly, long before even the most carefully-crafted words can be read. So the branding of the business imagery which people outside your company first see is crucial to whether they choose to deal with you, and the spirit in which they approach the relationship. When it comes to recruitment, the potential employees you most want will be studying your website and media presence. Finally, those marketing messages affect your own staff: the right tone and style for your website imagery helps foster their sense of the corporate culture and ethos.

Business Imagery for External Marketing.

Whether potential customers or clients head straight to your website, browse a brochure or company report, or find you through an internet search, vibrant and prestigious London backgrounds in the headshots and team photos suggest that your people have capital-city credentials and ambitions, while London settings for photos of your company in action project the quality and energy of your brand. When it comes to business portraiture for CEOs and partners, heritage and landmark sites situate you in London’s history of excellence and expertise, while London’s spectacular modern buildings project a message of international outlook and global reach.

London Corporate Photography - Westminster - Headshots

Using a photographer with the skills and equipment for studio, workplace and location shoots means you can capitalise on your company’s location under all circumstances, and keep your bank of imagery up to date as the business evolves and grows.

Corporate Photography for London Recruitment

The people you want to recruit, from new graduates to potential board members, will be studying your website to get a sense of the brand and company culture. They will look at the corporate headshots, team photos, workplace images and portraits of senior staff, and decide if what they see aligns with their own personality and ambitions. If your website is rich in corporate photography which projects a premium London message, the best recruits will find it easy to imagine their future in such a vibrant, ambitious brand and company culture.

An experienced corporate photographer will be ready and able to match the new business headshots and corporate imagery to existing ones – perhaps creating a pop-up studio as part of onboarding the new graduate intake, or setting up location portraits of the new board members. By exactly replicating lighting, and using greenscreen techniques, a good photographer will be able to seamlessly integrate new images into your existing portfolio.


London Corporate Photography - Lloyds Building

Reports, websites and media presence also shape how your staff see themselves and their role in your company. By giving your corporate headshots and business photography a London style and vibe, you can capitalise on this, and encourage your employees and colleagues to feel themselves part of that savvy, committed and outward-looking energy. Using a London-based photographer with a well-equipped studio and versatile lighting setup, as well as experienced makeup artists and stylists, will reassure staff that the image they present to the world has that polished, professional London confidence and individuality.


When the business you are promoting is centred on you as an individual, images which communicate your values and personality can make all the difference when potential clients and customers are considering whether to work with you. Using London settings for your business photography leverages those capital-city credentials of innovation, creativity and global perspective, to your benefit.

If your business photographer has a central London studio, you can collaborate on the messaging in your imagery, as well as grooming and makeup, before heading out on location. A music agent’s headshot might show them in front of an iconic venue, a banker’s portrait could situate them in a classic City of London or modern Canary Wharf setting, while London City Airport would be the perfect backdrop for an export consultant. Meanwhile Westminster has innumerable locations which speak of prestigious political, NGO and government work.

Entrepreneur. London Corporate Photographs - St James's
London Corporate Photography - Entrepreneur
London Corporate Photography - Businessman Headshot


In an increasingly competitive and visually-oriented business world, any company needs to have a small PR library of effective business imagery available for both trade media, and platforms aimed at the general public. Portraits and newsy images which you get into the media and encapsulate your brand extends the reach of your paid-for advertising: a good image gets people clicking through. London-based companies can leverage London’s reputation as a centre of excellence, creativity and international outlook by ensuring their business imagery shows them as part of that environment.


It pays to have a suite of London business imagery ready to capitalise quickly on fast-moving opportunities in social media. A knowledgeable corporate photographer will understand the different styles and technical requirements of LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram [any others?], and create images which exploit their more informal, spontaneous style, while projecting messages full of capital-city energy and atmosphere.

If your photographer has a videographer as part of the team, you could also commission YouTube footage and Instagram reels, ready to grab attention.


When it comes to nurturing relationships with potential and current investors, business photography that makes the most of London images can really add value to your brand. Effective business imagery for early-stage businesses and start-ups is different from what established companies need, but it also depends on the audience you want to reach: institutional investors have different interests and perspectives from those of shareholders. Finally, the concerns of society and therefore investors change, for example in the rise of ethical investment and environmental awareness.


For a new company, corporate imagery that communicates your values and business credentials is key, because so much hinges on that first moment when a potential investor lands on your website or reads about you in the trade media. London settings and backgrounds to your business headshots, portraits of the board and team photos send out a message that this is a start-up which is creative, ambitious and can be taken seriously.

A photographer with a well-equipped London studio will not only make the most of your capital-city image, they will ensure that as you grow, take on new people and develop your business, new images can be seamlessly integrated into your existing portfolio.


Any established London business will need to refresh their imagery from time to time, as part of their ongoing communication to existing and potential investors.

Perhaps there’s been a change of leadership, the business is growing, or the brand’s core values and messaging is changing as society changes.

Whether you are seeking a gentle evolution, a thorough refresh, or a complete change of style and brand, a skilful photographer can exploit the infinite possibilities of London settings and backgrounds to create the business imagery you need.