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3 Ways to accelerate your career

LinkedIn Headshot - 3 Ways to accelerate your career

LinkedIn Headshot, A Corporate Headshot of Young Professional


“Does it really matter?”, “Do I need to?”, “Will it make a difference?” Yes.

Recruiters make instant judgments when they see your headshot. In a competitive environment it’s of upmost importance to be a step ahead. So, how do you get an effective professional headshot?


In the business landscape it has always been critical to give yourself the edge over your competitors. For many looking to hire, the first thing they notice is your LinkedIn profile picture. Who is this individual? How do they value themselves? Can I trust them? It’s crucial that your presentation emphasises your professionalism and capability. Not that your uncle got a new camera for Christmas and thinks he can do a good job; or that photo from your day out at the beach will do. After all this image can determine whether or not your future boss stays long enough to actually read your credentials. You owe it to your career, that this image differentiates your profile from the thousands of others like it. That you’re someone who not only respects their profession but also respects their standing within that profession. So ask yourself, what kind of person are you and what kind of people do you want to attract to your profile?


A cheap image can turn off both a potential employer and a boss looking to promote internally. It doesn’t discriminate; a bad image is just a bad image. It’s the equivalent of going to an interview with: bedhead; an untucked shirt; or perhaps wearing trainers and tracksuit bottoms. What a cheap headshot does is, it demonstrates the value you have for yourself. So if you’re looking to hire and you have two candidates indistinguishable from one another, in terms of credentials, who do you hire? The one who took the time and effort to professionalise their online portfolio, or the one who used a selfie from their 2014 holiday to Spain? Value yourself on the same level you would your dream role. I mean that’s the goal right? After all the real question is; is it time to stagnate or is it time take a hold of your professional destiny?

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Updating your LinkedIn photo not only freshens up your social media page but due to LinkedIn’s algorithm it also brings more eyes to your profile. It’s another way of broadcasting yourself to a potential employer or a more senior member of staff within your company. So how can you use this to your advantage? Firstly, arming yourself with a catalogue of images can give you the ability to regularly and naturally update your profile. By doing this, you are regularly sending your online CV to those in your network. Then via likes, comments and shares, you’re broadening those visiting and interacting with your profile.

Beyond this, we all know different companies have different values. So, aligning yourself with different brands through multiple headshots, is how you can effectively begin to tailor the experience for those navigating your profile. For instance, perhaps you’re looking for a role that involves working within renewable energy. Would it then be a good idea to have some professional shots of you within nature? However, maybe that wouldn’t translate as well to a role within one the world’s largest law firms. Perhaps the image in that instance, should be more corporate. The point being in order to maximise the capabilities of your LinkedIn profile, you need a catalogue of images to align yourself with varying company values.

About Studio Grey

Studio Grey is a portrait photography company working from Covent Garden. Our photographers are qualified members of the British Institute of Professional Photography and the Royal Photographic Society. What we offer is a tailored approach to corporate photography, we work intimately with our clients in order to figure out their wants, needs and most importantly, the message they want their images to send. We will work with you on your body language, posing and style as we deliver a shoot that is targeted toward your image needs.

Service: You are the most important person in our world. Without you we cannot hope to capture amazing portraits. Our service is designed to make you feel relaxed, comfortable and confident. Whether you are with us for 30 minutes or a full day.

Quality: Our image quality is second to none. Top quality optics, cameras, lighting and software combine to provide you with headshots that render equally beautifully on websites and billboards.

Value: Working efficiently so that we deliver the highest levels of service and product quality at a price that represents excellent value.

Our clients include: Facebook, Chanel, Kearney, Lombard Odier as well as multiple TV personalities, actors and politicians.

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