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Get high-quality LinkedIn Headshots that represent your personal or professional brand.
Whether you are an employee or entrepreneur, actor or celebrity, executive or company director, we create headshots to help you stand out.


LinkedIn Headshots

This year someone will make a business decision based on your LinkedIn profile photo. Did you know that LinkedIn profiles with professional photos get 14 times more views?

LinkedIn Headshots from Studio Grey will give you the edge.

It’s your professional image. Choose your background and style of shoot. We’ll make sure your pose is perfect, so we capture the real ‘you’.

You get a selection of images to choose from, we’ll then retouch to make sure you look your best and provide you with 4 LinkedIn photos: Full Colour plus Black & White images optimised to work perfectly with LinkedIn and other Social Media sites.

Good LinkedIn headshots support your career and help you stand out against your peers. You’ve worked hard for qualifications and professional reputation: your LinkedIn and professional profiles can work equally hard! Whether you are looking for a new start or build your reputation in your current role, great images will help you stand out.

Linkedin headshot photography

Corporate Headshots

Visit our studios in Covent Garden, London where we provide entrepreneurs, businessmen and businesswomen with professional corporate headshots and executive portraits.

Alternatively, as professional portrait photographers, we are able to visit your offices and set up our portable studio for headshots and portraits.

Our images are ideal for use in PR, on social media and on website team and people pages. We work with SMEs in diverse sectors such as Financial Services, FinTech, Architecture, Legal and Accountancy.  View our portfolio for examples of corporate headshots.

Looking to get a whole team updated? We can visit your offices for a more personalised shoot. View our corporate photography page to find out more about our Director portraits and company shoots, or view all of our pricing packages.

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