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The easy way to update staff portraits

It always happens: you've just got a set of consistent high quality staff headshots and the team changes: you say goodbye to old friends and welcome new colleagues. It's because change is inevitable that you should plan to keep portraits up to date.


Here's how two very different clients have solved this problem.

Keeping APT Touring's headshots fresh.

APT Touring is an international luxury touring and cruising company with headquarters in Melbourne, Australia. We were approached by the UK team to take staff portraits and headshots for their marketing and customer facing staff.


As staff are based up and down the country we organized a day long shoot at their Amersham office. Our mobile studio consisting of lights, modifiers and backdrops was packed up and re-assembled in APT's premises. This made it really easy for the staff to 'drop-in' and get their portrait with the minimum of disruption.


Staff were delighted with their new headshots which were used for everything from LinkedIn to Newsletters. But within 12 weeks a new set of images were required.


All shoots are fully documented, so we were able to re-create the shoot whether we are in our London studio or on location.

Staff Portraits

taking images at different times of the year

can create a' tan - no tan' problem

The original images were taken at the end of summer and the new colleague joined in the depths of winter. There was a very clear difference in skin colour. All APT had to do was pick up the 'phone and book their new starter in for a headshot session: we used the original documentation, plus a drop of photoshop magic to add a little 'summer' colour to the skin.

Professional team photographs
Professional team photographs

Original Team Photo

Virtually the Same

Keeping pace with growth at PBC

PBC are an established firm of Chartered Surveyors and Project Managers based in Central London. With over 1,000 blue chip clients, they are established, successful and most importantly growing.


With consultancy being such a human activity, it is important for clients and partners to get a feel for the type of company they are dealing with. We needed to create images that matched the energy and professionalism transmitted on PBC's 'Meet the Team' page.


Maria was our first project and after studying PBC's original images, we recreated the lighting set in our studio. The fun and energy of our studio sessions shines through our corporate portraits. We create environments where clients feel confident, comfortable and project their open, professional character.


After our initial success, PBC felt confident in sending all their new staff to our Covent Garden studio. A Corporate Portrait is simply built into their induction process.


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