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Embrace the Dark Side

Low Key Corporate Portrait

Predominately dark portraits (Low-Key) have qualities that can be used to convey particular messages.

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If the world's a stage then the internet is a multi-screen, entertainment mega-plex and that's not counting mobile devices! How you leverage this wonderful free marketing resource is up to you. But leverage it you must: ignore your digital brand at your peril.


Throughout western history dark colours have been used to convey authority and experience: senior diplomats are transported to international talks in black limousines, board members of global companies wear dark suits. Judges robes: black.


This cultural association with authority can be useful for the young barrister needing to add gravitas to their profile. Careful use of the medium says, sensible, thoughtful, dependable.


If low-key adds authority to a younger professional then the effect is magnified when used with an experienced individual. Reinforced with other cultural references: dark suit, tie, serious expression and you create a 'don't mess with me' image. Useful for litigators, financial controllers and other enforcers.

The dark arts

Counter-intuitively, low key portraits are often found on creative websites. (creatives aren't normally associated with heavy, serious, authority figures).


But darkness has a second quality: the ability to mask, hide and obscure from view. In hiding creative genius, agencies invite the viewer to explore and uncover the treasures within. It is important to provide other visual cues: casual business attire and fashionable, edgy appearance.


An agency employing the dark side is unlikely to be pitching for 'fluffy-bunny' children's campaigns. But it may well win awards for innovative, original and thoughtful work.

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