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We worked with three very different clients whose business and values demanded three very different approaches to image making.

Organisations that communicate strong values and take care of their image attract more clients, retain more clients and also attract high calibre staff.Studies have shown that, on average, 5% of a company's stock value derives directly from image. For service companies, this value may be significantly higher.


So getting the Brand right is vital.

Global Listings: Creative Energy

"We are a media company so we are modern & funky (our clients are major global TV Channels)".


Our briefing was clear, comprehensive and included the vital information that the entrepreneurial powerhouse behind the company, Thalia Droussioti, did not like having her picture taken.


No pressure.


The session was taken at Global Listings Lloyds Avenue headquarters in London. Our headshot sessions are relaxed, friendly and fun. It simply brings out the best in clients. Proving that people photography is not about the equipment or the photographer: it's about you.

Kemp Little LLP: Professional Cool

Kemp Little is a law firm specialising in technology and digital media that provides expert legal advice in a wide variety of technology-orientated areas.


Expressing innovation and professional leadership through headshots helps Kemp Little attract both clients the cream of London’s emerging legal talent.


Portraits were taken on location at their London headquarters on Cheapside. Associating headshots with a bright, modern office background places the subject in a dynamic professional environment.


The resulting headshots are used on the company’s website and press releases and the have also been published in The Lawyer magazine.

Aelm: Knowlegeable and Dependable

Banking entrepreneur, Maysam Rizvi, gives financial services companies insight into their data, helping them convert complex datascapes into meaningful information.


Selling complex consultancy is one of modern business' greatest challenges: selling solutions into London's highly competitive banking market is doubly difficult.


Maysam needed to back up the credibility his track record with JP Morgan Chase and leading international banks gave him with a set of impressive, formal images.


He joined us at our Covent Garden studio for a Director Portrait session. Being in central London meant the shoot slipped easily between meetings in an otherwise frenetic day.


After studying our mood boards and preparation guides, Maysam had a clear picture of the images he wanted for his website, LinkedIn profile and press pack.


Lighting and background were arranged to create a look and feel that would play well with the banking marketplace.


Clear expert direction and reviewing images as they were produced gave Maysam the confidence to relax in front of camera. The resulting Director Portraits show a confident, competent, professional businessman who is on top of his game.

In summing up the experience Maysam said:


"......brought out some of the best pictures I've ever had taken."


Maysam's headshots were prepared in several formats, each optimised for different media. Colour and monochrome images are supplied as standard: to give you maximum flexibility.


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