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Local Heroes


You never get a second chance to make a first impression which is why these regional firms took the simple decision to improve their team portraits.


Punching above their weight? Always!


Treetops Chartered Accountants are a North Hampshire firm serving over 1,000 small and medium sized businesses in the region. Changes in staff and a variety of different photographers had left their ‘Our People’ webpage out of date and untidy.


Corporate Headshots



Calibrated equipment and carefully recording lighting and settings means that future portraits will have the same look and feel as the originals.


LinkedIn is facebook for business people. It is a place where professionals can share insights and information. It is also an important ‘storefront’ for businesses. Many staff upload favourite images for their personal profile. Shots of staff playing beach volleyball, stuck into ice creams or fishing might be OK for Facebook, but for a professional networking site? Basware gave their staff the opportunity to have portraits taken specifically for their LinkedIn profiles.

London Headshot
London Headshot
London Headshot
London Headshot
Monochrome Headshots

Directors portraits have to achieve several things: give confidence to shareholders, staff and clients. Their images are used in company prospectuses, websites and in advertising. And sometimes, one size does not fit all.

Individual team roles need to be expressed: different characters and different skills, creating the impression a skilled, multi-disciplinary team.