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Location headshots

Studio headshots are great: lighting is tightly controlled creating portraits that focus is on you as an individual. Clients, employers and colleagues receive clear, straightforward expressions that communicate your character and management style.


So why and when are location headshots needed? If everything can be communicated in studio, why go to extra cost and bother?


The answer is narrative.


Humans are natural problem-solvers. We love to make sense of the world and when presented with an image our minds play with what we see.


Location portraits communicate both character and back-story. It gives the audience more content. The viewer weaves subject and background together to create a narrative. That narrative is informed by experience, culture and interests. It's a phenomenon that has been exploited by advertisers for years.

So if your headshot is to be used as a marketing tool (let's face it whether its for career, business venture or personal, most of us need our headshot to do something) then why not take advantage of your surroundings and use simple advertising techniques to communicate value?


Our senses are highly tuned to environment. We all have a sixth sense that creates an emotional response to surroundings. A well chosen location can develop powerful associations. Decide what would work for you: what message do you need to communicate? Formal, modern offices, creativity or City backdrop.


We are based in the heart of London's Covent Garden, so have plenty of interesting backgrounds within

Headshots from our central London studio

walking distance: from West End theatres to Bow Street Magistrates Court, to the Thames, Southbank, the Houses of Parliament and St Paul's.

London Locations for your headshot

But your shoot does not have to be limited to Central London. If your company has a national or international presence, we can arrange company headshots at your offices or a location of your choice. This is particularly useful for Law Firms with a provincial presence.


We have clients on the South Coast, in Cumbria and the USA.


Choose your location to enhance your audience's narrative. Engage their brains, spark their imagination.


After all, you get just one chance to make a good first impression. Be noteworthy, make it memorable, it's time to attract more business. But first you need to attract attention.


Take a look at our Corporate headshots you will find everything you need to start planning your own shoot: from Simple LinkedIn Headshots to Director Portraits.

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Location Headshots at your offices

Mark Grey LRPS, is a qualified professional corporate photographer specialising in Corporate Portraits for clients that include Citrix Inc. HPE, Kemp Little LLP, Hogarth Chambers LLP, Virgin Media plc and MTV. Based in Central London he provides LinkedIn headshots, professional headshots and corporate headshots from his Covent Garden Studio. We regularly undertake location commissions including team, individual and office based headshots.


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