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Leadership positions need more than a simple headshot. Director Portraits

have to show charisma, character and strength of purpose.

Director Headshots

Senior directors fill an entrepreneurial role. They are figureheads who need portraits rather than 'headshots'.


Our Directors Portrait sessions are designed to fit into hectic schedules. They can be set up at a location of your choice: your boardroom, a city backdrop or our studio.


One of the great mysteries of Director Portraits is that images are often needed within minutes of the shoot. Whilst the shoot itself is relaxed and unhurried (our team work quickly behind the scenes). Assistants make sure everything is set up: lighting, background, spare cameras etc. so that photographer and subject can build the trust and empathy vital for a successful shoot.


Years of Fashion Week experience has honed our post-shoot processes: we can get your images to the picture desks of News International, Hearst et al, within minutes.


And the beauty of it is, your Director is completely relaxed. Which means we are able to capture the power and seniority of the individual.

A Director's portrait communicates business values. Preparation starts with our research. We take time to understand your business, your culture, clients and do some homework on our subject.


Mood boards are prepared and a subject preparation guide distributed to make sure everything runs smoothly.


The results speak for themselves. Our clients include leading international Law Firms, Media Agencies and Global Corporations.


 And during the past 12 months our portraits have been published in several leading business journals including: Forbes Magazine, The Lawyer, The FT and The Times.


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