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Ready for Change


As 2017 closes it is time to reflect and see if we need to change as we seek to control our professional and personal destiny.


But how can we ensure that change in 2018 will be a success?


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5 Headshot hacks


You've been told headshots are important and agree that something needs to be done about your LinkedIn profile picture. But what? And more importantly, how?


Don't worry, with our handy 5 Headshot Hacks we'll give you all the information you need for a pain-free update of your online presence.


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How does the New Linkedin format effect you?


You may have noticed some subtle changes to your LinkedIn profile. Changes you may have had little or no control over.


The old, regular, square format profile picture has been updated to a new snazzy circular one. The only problem is: what looks good square may.....


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Get real


Trust is a valuable business commodity. Hard won and all too easily lost, most companies employ.....


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Headshots in the City


Studio headshots are great: lighting is tightly controlled creating portraits that focus is on you as an individual. Clients, employers and colleagues receive clear, straightforward expressions that communicate your character and management style.


So why and when are location headshots needed?


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Latest Fashion & Theatre Headshots


It's not all business, take a look at our recent fashion & theatre portraits


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Headshot Preparation Guide


Your corporate image is more than a simple 'snap', it should capture your professional profile, support company brand values and your individual skill set.


It is a big ask but perfectly achievable provided...


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Career Control


Want to get ahead? Get a Headshot! We introduce four clients who used headshots to gain promotion, secure a new job or change their field entirely....


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Director Headshots


Leadership roles demand portraits not headshots. Communicating character is of utmost importance. A Director's headshot has two functions: to support the company brand position and promote the director's business values.


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Location Shoots


There are many advantages to having your corporate headshots taken on location. It's convenient: no trekking to a studio. Staff can get their headshots without disrupting the working day. You can get the all-important team shots and you get to show off your offices to prospective clients. This quarter we have been lucky enough to shoot at several clients offices, in London and further afield!


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On Brand


Organisations that communicate strong values and take care of their image attract more clients, retain more clients and also attract high calibre staff.Studies have shown that, on average, 5% of a company's stock value derives directly from image. For service companies, this value may be significantly higher.


So getting the........


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Update Staff Portraits Easily


It always happens: you've just got a set of consistent high quality staff headshots and the team changes: you say goodbye to old friends and welcome new colleagues. It's because change is inevitable that you should plan to keep portraits up to date.


Here's how two very different clients have solved this problem.


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Good Company


Now the festivities are over it is time to put away that tired old profile picture and start the New Year with a fresh new Corporate Headshot.


From as little as £70.00 you can have a set of great portraits for your LinkedIn profile, website and Social Media presence.


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Getting LinkedIn Right


Managing your digital brand in today's connected world is one of your most important business activities. After all, your web-presence is how the world perceives you.


It is a fact that your headshot will be.........


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Embrace the Dark Side


If the world's a stage then the internet is a multi-screen, entertainment mega-plex and that's not counting mobile devices! How you leverage this wonderful free marketing resource is up to you. But leverage it you......


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I've always admired street performers.


Putting your artistic heart on the line so publicly seems to require a special kind of bravery.


So this project is part homage, part fascination.


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Camera Unfriendly


Facial recognition software, combined with CCTV and increasing connectivity represents perhaps the greatest threat to personal freedom.


The ability for a complete stranger to download your full personal history whilst you queue for a Latte is a technical reality.


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11 LinkedIn Profile Mistakes


We all know someone whose profile creates a wry smile in the office. Some executives LinkedIn and Social Media profiles leave a lot to be desired.  We've collected our favourite howlers for your amusement and education.



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