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Attention to Detail

You know professional services is a 'people thing'. The quality of your product is entirely dependent on the skill, ability and diligence of your staff. So it should come as no surprise that your website's 'our people' page gets plenty of views.


Potential clients are checking you out: are you the sort of people they want to do business with? And don't forget recruitment: you do want to attract the right personnel don't you? It is why, almost without exception, the most successful firms pay close attention to detail when it comes to image quality for their staff.


After all, would you trust your case to a firm that presented themselves poorly? Would you want to join them?


5 things to check on your 'Our People' page.


Moves and changes


Many pages are simply out of date. Personnel move, new colleagues join. The result is often a 'picture coming soon' placeholder or even worse, a mish-mash of images from different sources. Even if staffing has been stable, people change. The pictures taken five years ago may not reflect the mature established professionals you have become.


Brand values


Do the pictures on your site reflect the sort of company you are? Is your company traditional or young and dynamic? Are your clients corporate, families or individuals? Your portraits should be styled for your target market. Below are some examples from recent commissions:

Staff Headshots



Easily the most common issue is a lack of consistency in portraits. Often this is due to new staff with different images. But it is also caused by a lack of attention to detail by the photographer. Colour balance can shift, giving one person a reddish skin, whilst another has a magenta cast. Exposures can also vary, creating a 'checkerboard' look on the page. Of course staff availability often means images have to be taken on different days. But this is no excuse: properly calibrated equipment and attention to detail will deliver consistent results.




Often images just do not look right on the page. The portrait background clashes with the colour of your web-page. Dark images on a white page can sometimes look odd. It may be that you have updated your website but not your portraits. It is another 'attention to detail' thing that is easily fixed.


Image Quality


Sadly, coming a close second to consistency is image quality. Often it is poor camera-craft: controlling colour balance, exposure and focus. But it can also be due to image resolution. Each time a jpeg file is saved it loses detail. Often older images taken from previous employment show digital artefacts and general fuzziness.


What about your firm?


Do you suspect your portraits need a refresh? Why not let us review and make recommendations (if any are needed). Book a sitting before 30th May 15 and get a 20% reduction in our fee.