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5 Reasons you're too important to be neglected.

A friend of mine has been 39 for the past seven years. They aren't ridiculously vain nor are they delusional or prone to chronic wishful thinking. But they are useless at managing their professional online presence. Now, I'm not talking Facebook. That's Corporate Headshot regularly updated. Yet the same effort is not expended on their professional networking sites. So their LinkedIn profile sports a pixilated selfie taken years ago by a long dead 'phone and their company website portrait hasn't been updated in years. This friend is in regular employment and they're not actively looking for a new job, so why does it matter if their profile is out of date?

Teamwork: 300 million professionals use LinkedIn. Even if a few are looking for a company that sells a difficult to find widget or service, that's still a huge number of potential customers. And guess what? Your 7-year-old profile picture gets featured on the company's LinkedIn page. Great: you've just let the side down.


Headhunters: Talent acquisition professionals are the biggest users of professional networking sites. You might not be actively looking for another position but would you turn down a promotion and raise? A professional, contemporary portrait gets you noticed. Your grainy old thing? Well it would be nice to have been asked.


Internal Marketing: Impressions count and your professional standing is based on behaviour and performance within the company. Selection for promotion, bonuses and salary raises are determined by several complex factors. One significant factor is your professional image. Do management really look at LinkedIn profiles before making significant career and salary decisions? Amongst other things, yes.


External Meetings: Even if you do not have regular contact with other organisations, there will be occasions when you meet and interact with customers and suppliers. Do you really want your first impression to be that old holiday image, squinting into the sun? It's not good for you and it's not good for your organisation.


The Unexpected: Often career changes are planned but sometimes they are not. We all know of someone who has lost their job either through redundancy or worse. When you're unexpectedly in the job market do you really want an out of date image on your LinkedIn profile? Can you afford to start your career search with identifying a qualified portrait photographer?


Great portraits don't just happen, they require time and a clear understanding of the mood and message the image is to produce. Do you want to appear dependable and conservative or does your image need to be more innovative and dynamic. A professional portrait photographer knows how to capture these moods. And your image is too important to be neglected.


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