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Business professionals recognise the need for excellent headshot photography. And first impressions count. Our professional headshots are tailored to your audience. Qualified portrait photographers work with you to get the image you need. Whether it is a LinkedIn Headshot or a PR portrait. Our sessions are fun and interactive: making sure your professional headshot captures your true character. We assist with direction, posing, styling and image choice so that your professional headshots communicate the right message to your audience. So whether you are looking to change jobs, start a new business or simply need to refresh an old photo, a quick visit to our central London studio will give you the Corporate Headshots you need. Take a look at our portfolio:


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Our portrait studios are blessed by being in one of the most vibrant areas of London. Look at the clubs, restaurants and shops that are a short stroll away. Getting your professional headshot has never been more civilised

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Corporate Headshot Studio Location
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Headshot photography is fun and interactive but we know not everyone likes having formal portraits taken, so here are some hints and tips, so you can get the very best professional headshots from your time with us.

Headshot Photography

You are in good hands:


We are highly experienced portrait photographers with a raft of winning images and awards to our names.


So you don't have to worry about a thing: we'll make sure your relaxed, confident character shines out of every corporate headshot we create.

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Corporate images are an investment in your career, business and future: getting the styling right for your profesisonal headshots is important.


Consider how your professional headshot photography will be used: is it for PR, will it go on your company website, or will it be used on your LinkedIn page?







We are firmly in the 'You on a good-day' camp. Reducing the appearance of wrinkles and removing the odd spot means your professional headshot is authentic and flattering.


We professionally retouch several professional headshot portraits based upon your package and

Corporate Headshots

We have a range of professional headshot and portrait packages they all include as standard:


Professional headshots images are prepared in several formats: for Web, for LinkedIn, for Photo Print and for Commercial Print (brochures/Flyers).


We prepare your profesisonal headshot images digitally. Download from our secure site.

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Corporate Headshots

Getting professional headshots as you want it is important to us. We've tried to answer as many of the commonly asked questions but we know you have more.


Get in touch by 'phone, email or text, we'd love to hear from you and we'll get back to you promptly.

We are professional portrait photographers based in London. From our studios in Covent Garden we provide entrepreneurs, businessmen and businesswomen with professional headshots and Corporate Headshots which are perfect for LinkedIn Profile Pictures. As portrait photographers we are able to visit your offices, set up our portable studio for Profile Photographs and environmental portraits. We create LinkedIn Headshots, Director Portraits for use in PR, Executive Headshots for 'Our People' pages, LinkedIn Portraits, Director and Staff Headshots. We are London based so we create London Corporate Headshots, London LinkedIn Headshot London Executive Portraits and Professional Headshots from our Studio or from your location.

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    Corporate Portrait photographer, Mark Grey, first picked up a camera and at the age of 10. He developed his own black and white film and made contact prints out of the negatives. First subjects were pets, friends and family. He quickly learnt that he loved working with people and became well known at school as the 'kid that was always in the darkroom'. Fast forward to today and his portraits are regularly exhibited by the Royal Photographic Society. Mark Grey wins cups and medals for his work and he teaches location lighting and studio technique. His Corporate Portraits have their own distinct style and his LinkedIn Profile Portraits are used by some of the UK's most influential businesspeople. You can book Mark for your company or your personal Corporate Headshots in your own office or come to the studio for great Headshot Photography for your professional headshots and executive portraits.

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Professional Headshots: Perfect for PR, LinkedIn and Web.

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